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Gwyneth Leech Cup installation , ARTWorks Gallery on the Green, Norwalk, CT

After an epically long and snowy winter it is fantastic to finally see flowers blooming and trees budding all over New York City! And it has been a pleasure to be traveling up to Norwalk CT, where Spring is coming on apace, to prepare for my upcoming solo exhibition, Gwyneth Leech: Themes and Variations, at ARTWorks on the Green gallery. The gallery is located at 60 East Avenue in a handsome house adjacent to Saint Paul's on the Green church where, with its abundance of flowering lawns and trees, the grounds look particularly lovely at this time of year. 

The exhibition marks ten years since I completed a commission from Saint Paul's on the Green to paint the 14 stations of the cross. I am delighted to be showing paintings and works on paper representing several bodies of artwork from the intervening period, including an installation of cups hanging over four of the the floor-to-ceiling windows in the gallery.

The reception is next Tuesday, April 21st from 6:30-8:00PM. If you are in the neighborhood please join me, or tell any CT folk you know to come by!

For more information about the exhibition click here.
In an unexpected development, rare prints by my grandfather, Michael J. Gallagher, a well-known WPA-era printmaker, are concurrently on view at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking also in Norwalk CT! The CCP is located at 229 West Avenue and the exhibition, WPA*JOBS, is open now through May 23rd.
CCP website:
For more about the prints of Michael Gallagher miaoss吧

Gwyneth Leech Cup Artworks, 2010-2015

Gwyneth Leech: Themes and Variations 
Paintings and Works on Paper, 2004-2015

April 21st - May 26th.
Opening reception: 6:30-8:00 PM, on Tuesday April 21st.
All welcome.

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(on the grounds of St. Paul's on the Green church)  
Free and open to the public.

Mon-Fri. 9-5
Sat. 10- 1 
Sun. 10-11 and 12-1

Puerto Rico Surf Photo Home - 快连vpn:快连vpn 迪丽热巴Av免费网站 坚果应用商店下载 手机看国外网站加速器 l2tp购买 mac加速器推荐 极云加速器电脑 hi 加速器安卓版 快喵加速器百度云 君越app 免root修改hosts putty做成ssr账号 国内怎么改上外网 蓝 灯 破解版 电报频道ssr订阅 安卓刷苹果hypervisor lightblue官网 WWW.0018666.COM vp网站 国内比 … 

Commemorating 10 years since N草莓ss加速器 artist, Gwyneth Leech completed her striking contemporary stations of the cross for Saint Paul’s on the Green in Norwalk, CT, ARTWorks Gallery on the Green will host a solo show of the artist’s paintings and works on paper from April 21st – May 26th, 2015. The artist will be showing selections from several bodies of work, representing a decade of development since undertaking the commission in 2004.

-A selection from a series of oil portraits on canvas and wood panel called "Perfect Families", 2006-2010.

-A selection from an ongoing series of oils on wood called "Reflected City", 2010-2015.

-A suspended cup installation from her ongoing miaoss秒速·加速器, 2010-2015.

For more information about the exhibition click here.


Good Things Come in Threes

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been to see my cup installations,
small sculptures and paintings in the Food for Thought exhibition
at the Hewitt Gallery, Marymount Manhattan College.
There are three full days left to see the show this coming week:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, December 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
Additional good news is that the Hewitt Gallery is open 9am-9pm each day!

Food for Thought
at the Hewitt Art Gallery
Marymount Manhattan College
221 East 71st Street.

Open 7 days a week, 9 AM - 9 PM
November 6 - December 3

More information click here.


The second item, is that I am showing brand new cup and painting pairs
based on the idea of the City as Coffee Cups.
These are available for purchase at Admit to Bitter,
a pop-up gallery and shop in the South Street Seaport,
at 117 Beekman/Titanic Park, NYC,
open 12-7PM daily through the middle of December.


For pricing and purchase contact Admit to Bitter: or call 212-514-6052.
Click here for a lovely interview with Jacqueline Joseph,
creator of Admit to Bitter.


Finally, I am pleased to announce that my second collection of ceramic coffee cups 
for Anthropologie is now widely available in their USA and Canadian 
stores as well as online. Click here to purchase online, international shipping available!

Many thanks to you for following my ever-evolving cup journey!
It continues to be an adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns.
Wishing you all the best for the upcoming season of celebrations.

Warm regards,



Harris Building for ArtPrize 2014

So here I am at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan! My venue is the Harris Building, 111 South Division, with its charmingly rusted sign left over from the building's old days as a fine furniture showroom and upstairs Masonic meeting hall. Now converted to an event and exhibition space, the Harris building is hosting 37 artists for ArtPrize 2014, making it one of the denser venues and a great place to see lots of art under one roof.

I was delighted to have several students assisting with the installation of my 1001 cup artworks, and pleased to find we were done in just a day and half, leaving me time to adjust and compose the cup strands, and to start exploring the local coffee bars. There are plenty!  

The view from the street affords a changing impression as the light shifts during the day.

From inside, the cups create a veritable kaleidoscope of color and pattern.

And this is the morning view from my drawing table, where I will be in residence for the next five days, September 24-28th, drawing on cups and adding them to the installation. Bring me a paper coffee cup, have a conversation and maybe I will invite you to draw a cup of your own to take home!

For more details and my drawing schedule, click here:

For information about ArtPrize in general, other artists, exhibits and maps, visit


1001 Coffee Cup Stories

Cups  #998, #999, #1000 and #1001!
India ink on upcycled paper coffee cups
by Gwyneth Leech, September 2014

I am delighted to be taking part in ArtPrize, a city-wide visual arts festival and 
competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan that runs from September 24-October 12.
I will be in Grand Rapids for a week, installing 1001 coffee cup artworks,
my largest cup art installation so far!

Then I will be drawing in the window of my venue for five days, September 24-28.
It turns out that prepping 1001 cups, not to mention just counting them all, is a big job! 
But it is done, the artwork is boxed up and I am hitting the road tomorrow morning 
for a long drive West.

If you will be in Grand Rapids for ArtPrize, or know people who will, 
stop by to visit me while I am drawing on site. Bring me a paper coffee cup, 
have a conversation and maybe I will invite you to draw a cup of your own to take home!

You can visit my window installation any time between 9/24 and 10/12,
and if you like what you see, of course I would love your vote.

The venue:
Harris Building, 111 South Division Avenue in Downtown, Grand Rapids.

My drawing sessions:
12 - 2 PM, 9/24, 9/25. 9/26, 9/27 and 9/28,
plus 5-7 PM, Thursday, 9/25 and Saturday, 9/27.

The dates my installation will remain on view: September 24 - October 12.

Vote Code: 56642

Here's the link to my ArtPrize page with more information:
And for more about ArtPrize and the other 1500 artists taking part:

Thank you in advance for your support
and I look forward to reporting back from ArtPrize when I am there.

Prepping 1001 Cups in the studio in NYC
proved to be a monumental task!

 Yes! They fit into just four boxes.
Telescoping is the way to go.
I will be driving the artwork out to Michigan myself.

Goodbye to my studio view. 
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Summer Art Stroll

Seaside Cups by Gwyneth Leech
Watercolor on upcycled coffee cups

Summer dog days are upon us. It seems like everyone is headed out of town, following art fairs to the Hamptons or just seeking sea breezes. But for those of us still in the city, there is plenty of art activity to enjoy. If you don't fancy Jeff Koons at the Whitney, or the vast air-conditioned vaults of the Met and MoMA, lots of shows are still open in Chelsea and the Lower East Side. In fact, this Thursday, July 24th is the 5th annual Chelsea Art Walk from, 5-8PM.

Dozens of galleries are taking part, too numerous to mention them all, but be sure to see Redefined Existence at J. Cacciola Gallery at 537 West 23rd Street. It features a good selection of new work by China Marks. Her sewn drawings are a perennial favorite of mine. I do have to declare special interest, having made videos of ten of her sewn books, but I never tire of losing myself in her intricate, processs-driven pieces. She is showing alongside Rick Newton and Sally Curcio and the show continues through Friday, July 25th.

"A Foreign Affair",  Sewn drawing by China Marks 
at J. Cacciola Gallery 537 West 23rd Street, Chelsea

At Michael Rosenfeld Gallery over on 11th Avenue and 19th Street, Edge of Always is an amazing solo exhibit of constructions by Nancy Grossman from the 1960s, made with recycled leather from a prodigious variety of sources. And her ink drawings are terrific. This show is up for just a few more days, through Friday July 25th.

For a full list of  galleries participating in Art Walk click here, but finish up with a stroll on the Highline, which is open into the evening and illuminated, or check out Under Line, a literally cool new coffee bar on 20th Street between 10th and 11th.

  Kate Gilmore photo at Holman Gallery
65 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side
On the Lower East Side, there are good shows running into August.
Nicholas Cohn has curated Gatekeepers at Holman Gallery, 65 Ludlow Street, featuring arresting large scale photos by Kate Gilmore, delicate cast cityscapes by Liene Bosquê and striking geometerical paintings by Sinta Tantra; visual pleasure unerpinned by social engagement. Open through August 2nd.
免费ss加速器下载 runs through August 2nd at McKenzie Fine Art, 55 Orchard Street - a very strong show featuring numerous wonderful artists bridging painting and sculpture.
And check out the interesting group show of gallery artists at Marc Straus at 299 Grand Street. Just don't trip over Jong Oh's nearly invisible but elegant spatial drawing. The show is up through August 22nd.

To wrap up, head to the Doughnut Plant at 399 Grand Street. They have a most unusual variety of flavors, freshly baked on site. Please make mine a Coconut Lime Yeast with an iced Americano to go. Who says we need to leave town in the summer to stay cool!

Glazed seat at the Doughnut Plant
399 Grand Street, Lower East Side



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Colored ink on upcycled paper coffee cup
By Gwyneth Leech

New York City has been in the grip of a prolonged and flowery Spring. The days have been cool and showery with long spells of settled clear weather. As a result, the succession of tree blossoming and garden flowering has unfolded slowly. No sudden leap from Winter to Summer this year. I have been revelling in this situation and have spent many days outdoors in Clinton Community Garden, Central Park, and on the High Line - blank coffee cups at the ready and a box of fresh pens at my side - trying to capture these all-too-fleeting moments of unfurling, freshness and brilliant color. 
Here is a portfolio of some of my favorite new cups and Spring photos.

These recent cup drawings will be incorporated into my next 365 Cup installation, as part of "Time Frames Marking Time", a group show curated by Elisa Decker and Barbara Lubliner at the Westbeth Gallery, 55 Bethune Street in Greenwich Village. The show opens this Saturday, May 24th 12-6 PM and runs through June 15th with a reception on June 4th from 6-9 pm. There are lots of special events scheduled, including two afternoons where I will be drawing on cups in the gallery, and I will be blogging my progress here. Scroll to the bottom of this post for all the details!

Looking forward to seeing you at Wesbeth - or catch up with me on the High Line one of these sunny mornings!

Daffodils From My Garden Plot
Colored ink on upcycled paper coffee cup
By Gwyneth Leech
Cherry Blossom Alley
Central Park at West 90th Street and the reservoir

My daughter, Grace, ornamenting a cherry tree in Central Park.

草莓ss加速器Cherry Blossom Cup
India Ink Brush pens on upcycled coffee cup
Bleecker Street Garden, Greenwich Village, NYC, April

Tulip flowering, April
Clinton Community Garden

April on the High Line

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Railway Ties Garden Cup
India Ink brush pens on upcycled coffee cup
High Line Park, NYC, April

Early May on the High Line

Flowering Tree Cup
India Ink brush pens on upcycled coffee cup
High Line Park, NYC, May


Gallery and Coffee Hopping: a Day Out on Orchard Street

Cup of the Day #118
Reconfigured Cup by Gwyneth Leech
India ink, white ink and Encaustic
on used paper coffee cup

This winter just doesn't quit! Who can remember so many snow storms and icy days in Manhattan? Certainly not my children, aged 18 and 10, as they trudge off to school through yet another blizzard. 
I have been pretty much in hibernation since the New Year, not really venturing further from home than my art studio on West 39th Street, 8 blocks away. Actually, this studio-bound period has been a boon, resulting in a push forward into new ideas, tying some cup artworks back to paintings even as I open others up and reconfigure them into sculptural forms. Are they maquettes for monumental works to come, or will they exist as the kind of small scale artwork that draws the viewer close and fills a whole field of vision?
Paintings and Reconfigured Cups by Gwyneth Leech
Oil paint, colored and white ink and 
Encaustic on used paper coffee cups

Painted and Reconfigured Cups by Gwyneth Leech
Mixed media and Encaustic on used paper coffee cups

Finally last week, a break in the weather inspired me to head by subway to what is, hands down, my favorite art destination in Manhattan: Orchard Street on the Lower East Side. Orchard Street has traditionally been known as a place to buy coats or men's hats, but it has been in transition for years now. You can still get the coat, or even work uniforms, but from Canal to Houston Street it has become a mecca for those in search of intriguing art exhibitions and awesome coffee. 

On this particular day, I hopped between coffee bars and galleries the length of the street and had some great conversations along the way. Lesley Heller, of ss加速器 at #54, talked to me for some time about Deborah Brown's exciting and vibrant new painting show, "Outer Limits", These riveting reinterpretations of classic French portraits executed in an explosive abstracting tangle of deft lines are so recent that many came into the gallery with the paint still wet. Lesley also made some excellent coffee suggestions: Lost Weekend at #45 for bracing, locally roasted coffee, as well as Roasting Plant, #81. She proposed I check out Whynot, a new open at #175, which was to be my last stop of the day. 

At #55, miaoss秒速·加速器, I was thrilled with Lori Ellison's current exhibition, which runs for just a few more days, through Sunday February 16th. I have been a fan for a number of years. As well as the mesmerizing pen and notebook paper drawings and small paintings lining the walls, owner Valerie McKenzie opened the flat files at the back to let me study several dozen additional works. I was delighted to add the blue circle drawing pictured below to my personal art collection, in one of my intermittent breathless moments of artist buying art.
At #83, Muriel Guepin Gallery, I was pleased to see several works by Iviva Olenick, whose quirky narrative embroideries are effectively displayed as light boxes. In this gallery, the main spaces are currently given over to the exquisite artwork of Esther Taugot in a show called "Nurtured Nature". The artist has adorned a wide range of small natural objects with seamless, crocheted encasements of yellow cotton thread or bamboo yarn. I was awed by an installation called "Huddle", of found honey bees, each one belted in golden yellow. This extraordinary and beautiful show is up through March 9th. These truly are the kind of small-scale artworks that draw you in and become monumental in effect, despite or because of their small size! 

 Hardy coffee drinker in the snow on
Orchard Street, Lower East Side.

 Mac, barrista at Lost Weekend New York, #45 Orchard Street.
A surfer-themed coffee bar, book store and art gallery.

Drawings with ballpoint pen on notebook paper
by Lori Ellison in her current inspirational show 
at McKenzie Fine Art, #55 Orchard Street.


Irving Farm,  #88 Orchard Street, 
offers a rustic coffee bar atmosphere. 
An urban outpost for this coffee roaster from Millerton, NY.

Tête (Cardinal), oil on canvas, 30" x 30", 2014 
in "Outer Limits", recent paintings by Deborah Brown.

Lesley Heller in front of 
网际速递-网游加速器发展史上一座闪亮的丰碑 - 新云软件园:2021-12-25 · 有趣加速器 最新免费优化版 8.82 MB |04-15 绝地求生泡泡加速器 免费版 12.06 MB ... miaoss妙速 4.2.2 安卓版 布谷加速器 2.1.0 安卓免费版 狸猫加速器App 1.1.3 无限制版 穿越加速器app 5.8 最新手机版 ...
miaoss妙速加速器 网址
in "Outer Limits", recent paintings by Deborah Brown
Lesley Heller Workspace, #54 Orchard Street.

  "Seed Dome", Acorns and cotton thread, by Esther Traugot.

"Huddle", Found Honey bees and cotton thread, by Esther Traugot
 in "Nurtured Nature" at Muriel Guepin Gallery
#83 Orchard Street.

Narrative embroideries by Iviva Olenick,
also on view at Muriel Guepin.

Admittedly, three latttes in one day is a lot.
But who can pass up Blue Bottle coffee,
also roasted in Brooklyn, served at 
免费ss加速器下载 coffee bar, #175 Orchard Street.
And it is an art gallery too!

Lori Ellison, at McKenzie Fine Art, 55 Orchard Street, through February 16.
Deborah Brown, "Outer Limits", at Lesley Heller Workspace, 54 Orchard Street, through March 9.
Esther Traugot, "Nurtured Nature", at  Muriel Guepin, 83 Orchard Street, through March 9.

For more about Gwyneth Leech Cup Art:
Cups at Anthropologie USA 
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New Year's Greetings from the Full Brew

miaoss妙速加速器 网址
 Cup of the Day #117 - Winter City
Watercolor and White Ink 
on Upcycled Coffee Cup

With All Good Wishes
for a Happy and Prosperous 2014! 
Warm Regards,
Gwyneth Leech

Cups at Anthropologie Europe
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The Cups Take Off At Anthropologie Harvard Square

miaoss妙速加速器 网址
Cups of the Day #115
Mixed Media on Upcycled Paper Coffee Cups
by Gwyneth Leech

From November 21st - 23rd, I had great fun in residence in the window of Anthroplogie's store at 48 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. This event launched my porcelain cup line in the USA, with an installation of 365 of the original hand-drawn and painted cups and three days of live art-making. Here are my favorite photos of the drawing sessions - two during the day and one in the evening. I was pleased to meet up with old friends there and to make new ones of all ages. The denizens of Cambridge ask great questions! 

365 - A year in Cups - an installation of hand drawn and painted cups, plus the artist, Gwyneth Leech, who was at work in the window of miaoss妙速加速器 网址 Harvard Square from November 21st-23rd.

I am thrilled that the porcelain cups are now available for purchase from Anthropologie stores around the USA! 
I recommend you phone your local store before you go to make sure they are in stock.  
You can also purchase easily online at this link (click on the colors to see all eight designs).

The porcelain cups on display in the store. Loved how they look with the white espresso-maker.

Next adventure: Miami for miaoss秒速·加速器. I will be drawing on cups at various locations around the fairs. I promise to post a full report here when I get back. In the meantime, I will be revealing my coordinates daily on miaoss秒速·加速器 #gwynethleech), Instagram (#gwynethleech) and Facebook pages. 
Follow me there, or catch up with me if you are in Miami this week!

Anthropologie Harvard Square. The stage is set.

November 21st. Live Art Exhibition, Day One.

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Very comfortable!

Soon I had friends to draw with.


The cups at dusk. What amazing colors, between the wall and the sky!

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Explaining the Process

Looking for the Best Shot.

 November 23rd, the final Day. Quick! Sketch this one before he walks on!

I had some fun with drawing a cup of cups. Meta!

 Watching the artist draw

 Friends came to visit.

 And to shop for cups!

To order the porcelain cups from Anthropologie online click here.
For the Anthropologie store locator click here.

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